Calendar Information/ Major Holidays


10 month cycle (Hart, Leviathan, Rose, Dragon, Lion, Willow, Bear, Horse, Eagle, Wolf)
3 Seasons (Sea, Sky, Abyss)
4 in Lumina (Sea, Sun, Sky, Abyss)

Major Holidays:

Sun Feast (Lion 12): In Honor of Lillia, goddess of the Sun and Protector of the Luminan people.

Festival of Darkness (Wolf 1-12) Thirteen is the number of favor for the Exterrean and Nerezzan people—it comes from the number of gods added to the number of original arcanists. The festival of darkness occurs in the depths of the abyss season. This festival, lighted by thousands of candles at night features beautiful merchant goods, rare delicacies, beer and magic services. There are duals, worships, marriages that occur throughout the festival. Also, executions are outlawed during the festivals, as are imprisonments; therefore many of the big criminals come out of exile for the festival.

Feasts of
Abyss: (Horse 23),
Sky: (Lion 5)
Sea (Leviathan 1)

Wintereve: (Bear 3

Dion’s Day: (Willow 7)

Tigarantello (Rose 15)

EoinTerre (Dragon 5)

*Many local holidays and traditions also occur depending on where you are. Feast days are common

Calendar Information/ Major Holidays

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