5th Keelie of Exterre


255 large
(credit where credit is due

Half Elf
33 years old

  • Fifth Child of King Rian and Queen F’ioda of Exterre
  • High Ranking Official in the Guild of the Cloak
  • Edon Isadora famously refers to Perina as “The Lost Daughter of the Spiral” but never explained why. Obviously this leads to countless speculations. The most famous—and somewhat outlandish—belief is that Perina’s magical gift was somehow removed before the Spiral could take her.
  • Perina’s main agents in Exterre are Tarlyn Tortuela (a Shadow-dancer from Nerezza) and Gabriel Mereniag (a wealthy and infamous weapons dealer from the Eastern Alliance)
  • Perina has a vast personal fortune with dubious origins. It is hard to find an industry that she does not somehow have her hand in.


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