2nd Breannan of Exterre (but honestly, no one wants him to be king)


Half Elf
27 years old

  • Spitting in the face of his parents, Geoff ran away at 18 into the arms of Lorenzo, the current leader of the Order of Ailtiri, the powers practitioners of arcane magic and the heirs of Diabil Darkheart.
  • Much like Perina, he attempts to use his position of power to influence politics, however; Geoff has a much heavier hand with this than his sister and so his schemes are usually fairly transparent.
  • The Northern Nerezzan people especially hate him, considering him a “pleasure-seeker” and a representation of the complacency and extreme hedonism of the Southern part of Nerezza. (The Northern provinces especially Oggreth and Gretchel share more in common with their Exterrean neighbors than the uncompromising and urbane citizens of the south near the capital.


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